It is best to join a scheduled video conference 5 minutes before the scheduled start in order to go through the login sequence.

Before you begin, go to your computer’s PREFERENCES and make certain that your SPEAKERS (OUTPUT) and MICROPHONE (INPUT) are selected and that the VOLUME settings are turned up.

In order to join a scheduled video conference, click the link that says JOIN WEBEX MEETING. That will take you to a screen that gives you the option to click JOIN. A drop down screen from WEBEX.COM will ask you to trust an ariellearning/webex plugin. Click TRUST. That will allow you to join the video conference.

Once you join the video conference, a drop down menu in the upper right corner may ask you to start your video camera. Click that or, if that does not appear, click the small icon of a video camera to the right of your name until it appears green and you see yourself.

On the center screen, you will see a box labelled CALL USING COMPUTER. Please click CALL USING COMPUTER. (Do not select CALL ME or I WILL CALL IN.) Then, in that same AUDIO box, click MORE and then click TEST COMPUTER AUDIO. Make certain that your SPEAKER and MICROPHONE are at the correct settings, usually BUILTIN OUTPUT and BUILTIN INPUT unless you are using a headphone. TEST the speaker and speak normally to be certain that the volume is adequate.

It takes about a minute for your video and audio to launch.

You are now ready to participate.

A couple of other pointers:

Please do not point your camera towards a window because that will wash out your image.

When you speak, your image will appear on the main screen.

If your video screen ever disappears, click on the Cisco Webex Meeting Center icon in your system tray and your screen will refresh.