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“David Ariel was the best prepared teacher I ever had. Each session was informative and incredibly articulated… Exceptional, knowledgable, dynamic teacher… created a classroom that was supportive for learning…. His insights were captivating and thoughtprovoking.”

(Comments from recent adult course evaluations)

“In a short time David has built up a real following at Temple Emanuel. He inspires 60 learners to come on a Tuesday night after a long day at work because they respond to his warmth, his humor, his substance, and his knowledge of areas—like Jewish mysticism and Hasidut—that he makes accessible. He brings heaven down to earth.”

(Rabbi Wesley Gardenswartz, Rabbi, Temple Emanuel, Newton MA)

“You presented a phenomenal study session to a group of Jewish non-profit executives having all different levels of Jewish learning. They totally linked into your presentation. The session was highly interactive, beneficial, and well-crafted to integrate with theme of our workshop.”

(Dr. Steven J. Noble, Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Boston University Graduate School of Management; Managing Director, Noble Consulting Associates, Inc.)

“David Ariel is a master teacher with a commanding intellect and a deep humanistic connection. All of our participants found him engaging, challenging, wonderful to be with and a unparalleled transmitter of the depth and breath of the Jewish historical and philosophical experience. I have worked with many teachers over the last 50 years- David Ariel is at the top!”

(Peter Geffen, Founder and Director of Kivunim, Gap Year Program in Israel)

“We have had the pleasure of participating in a home study course with Dr. David Ariel. His scholarship is astonishing, and he facilitates thoughtful, and sometimes spirited, group discussions, by allowing his students to freely express themselves. His love of Jewish history and thought is infectious, and one leaves each of his sessions with a sense of empowerment through Jewish knowledge gained.”

(Larry Bell, attorney, and Nancy Bell, Jewish community professional, Cleveland OH)

“David Ariel’s mastery of the text and deep scholarship made for an informative, enlightening, and valuable learning experience. Teaching a group of rabbis can be challenging, and David did so with grace and authority.”

(Rabbi Howard Jaffe, President, Massachusetts Board of Rabbis)

“He speaks with the fluency, gentle persuasiveness, and an art that brings out his amazing gifts as a scholar and researcher. His lectures are models of compact intelligence, spiritual depth, and broad humanity.”

(Ross Mackenzie, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua NY)

“We were very impressed with his efficient preparation and groundwork. His energetic, anecdote-filled teaching techniques were also highly appreciated as they made the participants feel at ease with a variety of Jewish texts. A large majority of the participants stated that his sessions were both enlightening and very practical as the values and techniques that he presented could be shared with their board members and community.”

(Valerie Davis Allouche, Director, Joint Distribution Committee’s Leatid Europe: The European Center for Jewish Leadership, Paris, France)

An excellent speaker who presented interesting material in an accessible way. He accompanied his talk with beautiful photographs. Excellent, well prepared speaker, an academic who can communicate with non-academics & really keep their attention. Good use of visuals, not too many and very relevant. Plenty of time for Q &A. The speaker was engaging, enthusiastic and accessible.

(Ann Conway-Jones, Birmingham UK, Council of Christians and Jews)