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David Ariel is available to speak to your organization on a variety of subjects- either as single presentations, multiple sessions, an adult education course, or a weekend scholar-in residence. He is recognized as a speaker who makes complex ideas and concepts readily accessible to adult audiences, clearly, and with good humor.

Lectures and Presentations

The Basic Principles of the Kabbalah: An introduction to the major teachings of the Jewish mystical tradition in clear and understandable explanations

Rabbi Akiva and the Revolution Within Rabbinic Judaism: An explanation of how this second century rabbi transformed Judaism

Rogues, Renegades, and Rebels: The Founders of Hasidism: When it began, this eighteenth century mystical movement was seen as a radical revolt against traditional Judaism

How the Jewish Community Became What It Is Today: An exploration of how the medieval  eastern European Jews created the foundations of the Jewish community that endures today

Sigmund Freud and Modern Jewish Identity: The founder of psychoanalysis was an atheist Jew who developed a compelling theory of modern Jewish identity

The Jewishness of the Millennial Generation: Recent studies have shown how Jews born between 1980-2000 are changing the face of the American Jewish community

The American-Jewish Relationship With Israel: Recent studies have shown how the attitudes of American Jews to Israel are changing

The Arab-Israeli Peace Process: Despite the apparent failure of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process, new developments are taking shape

Christian Hebraism: The Untold Story of Christian Fascination with Judaism: Between 1500-1650, Protestants in Europe and New England learned Hebrew and studied Judaism in order to better understand their own Christianity