David Ariel-0134Ariel Learning is a global Jewish learning organization which offers adult education and special events to individuals and organizations over live, high-definition videoconferencing. Ariel Learning’s videoconferencing courses allow participants to see, hear, and speak to the instructor and to each other in real time. Adult learners enrolled in Ariel Learning courses log in to a dedicated videoconferencing site on their home or office computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that enables them to see and hear the instructor and other learners with live, high-definition video and audio. The quality and dependability of the video and audio is far superior to that of other videoconferencing platforms. The opportunity to participate in live, interactive study sessions from the convenience of one’s home or office means that the adult learner does not have to travel, find parking, or brave the elements. At the same time, the adult learner participates in a group in which everyone can see, hear, and talk to the instructor and each other in real time. All sessions will be recorded for the convenience of those who miss an occasional session. Participants can access the course materials conveniently online using our online learning platform.

Ariel Learning offers videoconferencing courses to Jewish organizations and individuals. If your organization wishes to sponsor a course, you can decide when it is offered, whether it will be held at your location or whether people take part at their own computer. Then you recruit the students. Once they are registered, Ariel Learning sends the participants a link to our videoconferencing site. They simply join the class at the scheduled time and participate as they would in any live class. Lectures will be recorded so that if participants miss a session, they can view it later on their devices.

Sponsoring organizations can have participants pay Ariel Learning directly through our secure server or, if the sponsor prefers to fund the course and/or collect the fees directly from participants, the sponsor would receive preferential pricing or share the revenue.

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“You were awesome! The students really learned a tremendous amount and I was so impressed how you were able to distill a subject that normally would take a semester to teach into 75 minutes. Kol HaKavod! Thank you so much for being willing to share your knowledge and wisdom with us.”

(Jay Leberman, Kivunim Gap Year Program in Israel)